What You Need To Know About Tree Pruning

09 Apr

Pruning is basically the removal of some portions of the tree so that you can be able to correct the structure.  In order for pruning to work you have to also train the truth because training is the one that guides the trees on which shape it should take.  Know that when it comes to pruning, it cannot be beneficial to your trees if you don't change it as well, therefore, these are two things that you need to focus on if you want to have healthy trees. The best time to prune your trees is during winter and then when it comes to training it summer is the ideal time. When trees reach a certain age, you need to ensure that you prune them as this will help it to stay healthy at all times.   You need to know that hiring the services of an arborist is essential and it is something that you should not ignore because they know a lot about you and they will advise you for what you need to do so as your trees can grow  in a healthy manner. Call us today to get more.

The good thing is that you can be able to prune your trees anytime you want though you can never go wrong if you choose to prune your trees during the dormant seasons.   One of the reasons as to why people are encouraged to prune their trees during dormant Seasons is because it minimizes the flow of the sap, maximize is won't closer, and you will be able to prevent your trees from getting sick. Note that when it comes to fruit trees they cannot be able to develop in the proper way without any pruning.  If a fruit tree is well-pruned and trained the tree will yield really good trees and their life span increases.  The main reason as to why trees are pruned is so that they can develop a framework that is strong which will be able to support large fruits.  If the fruit trees are also trained in the right way the branches will not be shaped well, and if the fruits that are growing are big the branches will break.  If this happens then you will not be able to get the yield that you would have wanted and later on the lifespan of the tree shortens.   When you are pruning your trees you will be able to see if the trees have been attacked by a certain disease; thus you will know what you need to do in order for you to prevent the disease from worsening. Check more info here.

Read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruning 

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